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  1. What do I need to start a foreclosure?
    The requirements vary depending upon the State in which you are located. We have prepared a form called "Requested to Prepare a Notice of Default" which you can download, fill in and fax to our office. In many states this is sufficient to begin the procedure. You should call our offices and speak to a Trust Officer to discuss exactly what will be needed to begin the process.

  2. In what states do you conduct foreclosures?
    We specialize in forclosures in: California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and Montana, through our office. In some states we will work with affiliated counsel, our title insurance, and or a combination of associates to facilitate your needs.

  3. How soon after you receive the default information can the foreclosure begin?
    The timing of the foreclosure process is to a large degree dependent upon the requirements of the county in which the subject property is located. In some counties, where applicable, we can provide you with same day recordings. Please call regarding any questions. We are always happy to hear from you and will do our best to accommodate your needs.

  4. Once I decide to start a foreclosure, how long does it take before the Notice of Default
    is filed?

    In California we can file the Notice of Default within 24 hours. In some counties, Los Angeles for example, we can file the Notice of Default in about one hour.

  5. Should I advance to the senior trust deed?
    There is a provision in most deeds of trust which provides for interest on any funds advanced to protect the security deed of trust. Each situation needs to be evaluated individually. In a case where there is quite a bit of equity it usually makes all the sense in the world to advance funds, including delinquent property taxes, delinquent senior lien payments, and trustee fees.

  6. How long do you have to wait, after a Bankruptcy is dismissed, to proceed with a foreclosure sale if the sale date had been set prior to the Bankruptcy filing?
    You can proceed with the foreclosure sale 7 days from the "entered dismissal" date.

  7. If you have a loan secured by two deeds of trust covering two different properties, can i foreclose on one property only, or do we have to foreclose on both?
    This is a complex question which requires analysis of the underlying collateral as well as factoring in the goal of the Lender, however you may foreclose on one deed of trust only. The amount of the final bid after the foreclosure sale determines if the deed of trust remaining on the property upon which you did not foreclose still retains any value. For example let's say your owed a total of $100,000.00. The amount of the final bid at the foreclosure sale is $50,000.00. Therefore, the remaining not foreclosed deed of trust is securing the balance owed of $50,000.00. However should you bid or should the bidding return the full $100,000.00 it would be your duty to reconvey the other deed of trust. This applies even if the foreclosed property reverts to you if your bid was $100,000.00.

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